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Think like a Millennial and Act like a Boss

Jul 3, 2019
Denise Ware

Managing Director


The hospitality industry is changing rapidly each day.  Understanding how millennials and technology affect your business is essential.  Millennials are the future human capital for any business. Owners, managers and supervisors must understand their thought and decision making processes - that's essential in order for companies to grow.

Millennial Motivation

Hiring managers need a clear understanding of what motivates this generation:

  • Unlike their predecessors, they make no apologies for selling their skills to the highest bidder.
  • Collaboration is vital to them so they seek environments where they can engage.
  • Technology drives them. They embrace it and are not afraid to learn new ways, applications and devices.
  • Flexible work schedules are a major draw. They are not your traditional eight-hours a day worker.
  • Vacation is highly valued. As part of the "right now generation," they often use a vacation or sick day as soon as they earn it. 
  • Structure - they thrive in it and will produce higher quality work when there's less confusion.
  • Knowledge should be ongoing. They seek continued learning opportunities.
  • Regarding rewards - while money is great, millennials understand the value in stocks and will accept them as a secondary option to salary.
  • Their work ethic should not be compared to that of previous generations. Their environment has changed dramatically, which makes their reality extremely different from other generations.
  • Career path priorities - their views differ significantly from those of baby boomers, in that they expect to be let go on more of a regular basis. Subsequently, they seek work that aligns with their own career plan to build specific skills and experiences that will help improve future career prospects. They anticipate that their time is limited so they don't usually invest in doing things outside their own path.
  • New thinking and communicating - their ways are not your ways; their language is not your language; and their thought are not your thoughts. 

So the moral of the story to thinking like a millennial and acting like a boss is to embrace them. Don't look at them as unwilling, lazy, forgetful or unreliable. Use what's right in front of you - other millennials who speak their language. Make them team leaders who will train their peers. Offer training that includes value such as certificates or digital badging.  When you reward your human capital, your business capital will grow.

It's imperative to understand that millennials are human capital and that they know their skills, knowledge and experience have value to the success of your organization. Show your commitment to them by using the Carver-Wynn Workforce Development approach of the 3 Ps - People, Purpose and Passion.