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We Made It, But What's Next?

Jun 3, 2021
Charlene "Charley" Carter

Chief Development Officer


What’s been on my mind since January 20th?  Well, quite a bit. As you all know, leading up to this momentous inauguration was no shortage of coverage that this was our first woman Vice President and being “one heartbeat away” from the Presidency. So many interviews, personalities, along with all of the fear over what would actually happen that day due to the events of January 6th.  I don’t think anyone lost sight of the fact that this was indeed our day, our time, and that women now could say we finally achieved the highest office (potentially) in the land that is the most powerful democracy on earth, and wow; this was and is a really big deal. 

I’ve been thinking about all of the women who broke barriers so many years ago.  It was mentioned in our new President’s Inaugural Address, acknowledging the suffrage movement, those gals who marched for the right for women to vote.  There are so many times in our country’s history where the role of a group of or an individual woman shaped a moment, a crisis, and an outcome.  

First Ladies?  Well, they typically were the recipient of coverage of their dress, gown, decision of what would be their mission as they served in the White House alongside their husband.  Now that role has grown, thanks to many who have gone before Jill Biden, to make that position as large as that individual wants to make it.  And Second Gentleman Doug will need to create his own definition of what that looks like when held by a man.

Power is a funny thing. We want it, we work so hard to get it, and then once we land that big position, we need to own it and define it and move into it.  Truly lean in.  I’m quite sure that Vice President Harris knew what she would stepping in to, but now; it’s real.  

In my own career, I have always had a drive to achieve great things, the highest I could go, and never once questioned what I would do once I got there.  I think I watched as other women did it, and gleaned from each, traits that I added to my own toolkit.  Some of mine were without question my mother the pinnacle of my DNA, my matriarch and my elder sister, who undoubtably was my biggest advocate and mentor. There were many others like Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Rosa Parks, Barbara Bush, Shirley Chisholm, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, and more in our current pop-culture. 

You could not miss the messages of last Wednesday-Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Gorman.  A powerful force of artistic talent, confidence, and beauty.

Ladies, it’s our time to see this not just as a pivotal moment and accomplishment, but also a beginning.  Who do you pay attention to? Who has guided you and given you ideas for your own toolkit?  Let’s start a conversation around that. And what we will do for those who come after us; those little girls who saw that, watched that, and are now looking for someone to guide them as they move into their own positions of power one day. 

As Amanda stated so beautifully, Let’s be the light. And remember the light that our predecessors showed to us.  While they may not have been here to see that moment on Wednesday, all clothed in purple, they were with us through how they were our light.