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Why Use Professional Recruiting?

Oct 2, 2019


The first and most obvious reason you might want to reach out to a professional recruiting firm is to resolve turnover in your business. No one is immune to turnover and it seems that, as opposed to years ago, employees today expect to change jobs every few years to advance their careers or try different paths. Most companies have internal talent acquisition teams to bring new employees on board. One advantage to consider when thinking about talent acquisition and whether to add a professional recruitment firm to the effort is the benefit of actual active recruiting over passive job board posting. A good recruiting firm seeks out people who are currently working in the position you’re looking to fill, and qualifies them to make sure they are technically successful, a good culture fit for you, and interested in learning more about the position. Generally, these people aren’t looking for a new position and very few realize they will be working a new job in a months’ time when the recruiter initially contacts them. It’s also important to remember that adding a professional recruitment firm does not replace your internal talent acquisition team, but adds an additional resource to assist your internal team. It saves your internal team from reviewing hundreds of resumes of unqualified candidates , and allows them to get straight to the interviewing and hiring process.

Confidentiality is another common reason that companies may want to consider using a professional recruitment firm. Have you ever worked for a company that needed to replace a key member of the team and needed to do it confidentially? Most people think that confidential search must have something to do with performance issues, and there are definitely situations where that’s the case, but there are other reasons as well. It may be because of an upcoming promotion, knowledge of a team member’s job search outside the company, or not wanting to make the search public to avoid being bombarded with resumes of unqualified candidates. Choosing to partner up with a reputable recruiting firm is probably the best option. Quality recruiting firms are experienced with working confidential searches. After all, every day they’re talking to potential candidates whose interest and contact must be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Are you growing your company? Are you expanding out of your original market and getting ready to open in a new one? Do you have plans to expand into multiple new markets quickly? Of course, you can place ads in the local newspaper or on job boards. You could find a local recruitment firm to help. Or you could decide to find a recruiting firm with national presence and experience. If you’re planning to expand into multiple new markets, the latter option is the best. When looking to partner with outside recruitment, you always want to make sure the firm is reputable, of high integrity, with the ability to source and find quality candidates, and understands your culture so your new employees are more likely to stay long term. If you find a great fit for your company, you’ll want to work with them in the future. If they’re only known to work in one market, you’re stuck with going through the process all over again in the next market. It makes more sense to find a recruiting partner that has worked in markets all across the country and understands the little differences in the work forces of various markets, such as the commute time in Southern California versus Chicago, or average pay rates for similar positions in different markets. A reputable search firm knows the answers to these and many other questions you may have.

Now let’s say it is the end of month and you’re reviewing your P&L, or  it’s budget writing time and you’re preparing to set your financial goals for the following fiscal year. There isn’t one owner or company leader in the world who doesn’t look for potential improvements at every line of their P&L or budgets. When you’re looking at  opportunities, there’s most likely an individual who is responsible for those numbers.. If you’ve counseled this member of your team, given them the tools and knowledge to improve the numbers but they still haven’t done so, it may be time to make a change. You may love the employee and wish them the best, and that doesn’t have to change, but for your company to be more successful, you need to find the person who can drive the necessary change. This is often a confidential search need. A professional recruitment firm knows exactly where to look and how to find specific candidates who meet the qualifications you specified, including potential candidates with turn-around experience. A good leader is always looking for ways to improve their team and company’s financial performance. Sometimes that means making an addition or a change to their management team. A reputable professional recruitment firm is the best partner you can have to assist you. Yes, there is a fee, but the ROI on finding the right salesperson or manager will cover that cost many times over.

So there you have several scenarios when it may be wise to partner with a professional recruitment firm: turnover, confidentiality, company expansion, and improved financials. Whether you need to replace, add, improve, or even find that needle in the haystack, you may have a need for the specialized service and knowledge that only professional recruiters can bring you. Let’s talk!