Carver. The Only Name You Need

Since the company was founded as a task force organization known as the Carver Hotel Group (CHG), The Carver Companies have grown into four business lines, spanning the United States and Canada and now preparing to operate in the United Kingdom and Europe. Today, we not only support Task Force, but also Executive Search, mid-level search encompassing both hotels and restaurants, contract labor in select US markets, and workforce development programs worldwide.

Our Story

Carver Hotel Group

True to its beginnings, CHG has grown to become the preeminent task force agency in North America. With more than 1,500 consultants in every hotel discipline, we can fill a hotel’s short term management needs promptly and efficiently, often within 24 hours. CHG consultants are ready to hit the road at any time to assist any hotel staffer – from chefs to sales managers, controllers to engineers, and executive housekeepers to general managers. 

Carver-Olson Hospitality Search

Working hand-in-hand with task forces in the United States and Canada, Carver-Olson has the ability to join forces at the same time a task force candidate is assigned and begin the search process for a permanent replacement. The “task to perm” program assigns a consultant to a property for up to six months prior to extending a permanent offer. This gives both the property and the candidate a unique opportunity to experience the other prior to a final employment agreement. We also recently added Carver TalentXpress, a new search service that focuses on finding candidates for restaurant and limited service hotel positions specifically within the $30,000 - 50,000 annual salary range.   

Carver World Staffing 

In select U.S. markets, Carver World Staffing (CWS) assists where individual hotels struggle, providing heart-of-the-house team members when traditional search is a challenge. Positions such as housekeepers, housemen/women, servers, and other hourly staff opportunities are often difficult to fill. Our industry-leading recruiting and orientation models provide life skills and basic hospitality training to bring prompt relief to these much-needed positions.This program includes the right mix of those efforts to ensure greater success for both clients and associates. 

The Whole Package

When explaining our services, Chief Development Officer Charlene Carter is proud to say, “Let’s talk not about our individual business lines, but about ‘Carver 360.’ Whatever your staffing need, wherever you are located, and whether for today or tomorrow, we’re ready to step in and help!” 

The Carver Companies family of brands brings a unique perspective to the hotel industry. Individually, each division provides exceptional service and fulfills a need. From the ‘Carver 360’ perspective, the Carver organization has the ability to bring a staffing, development, and training power that has been unheard of in the hospitality world. That said, Joel Carver, president and CEO of the organization, probably sums Carver’s offerings up best by quoting a client: “Carver, the only name you need!”