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So often, our consultants are deployed to a new area of the country that they perhaps had not considered for a future location. And our clients seek out talent that fulfills their need, only to find that perhaps they have landed on just the right fit. Task-to-Perm, a product or hybrid of our Task Force and Permanent Placement, offers both client and consultant to experience each other in a true day to day setting.

To learn more about “Task-to-Perm”, contact our Business Development Team. We offer a time period reduction in the buyout terms to accommodate the situation. Our goal is to help our clients fill their needs, be it temporary, permanent, or a bit of both worlds!

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Consultants have the opportunity to explore the city and geography of a location

Clients have the opportunity to truly evaluate the contribution and potential future of a consultant

Consultants establish a rapport with the hotel team, and begin to see how this might be their new home

Clients establish a foothold with the consultant and see, under pressure in most situations, the skill set of that individual far beyond any interview

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