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The Power of Your Word

Jun 3, 2021
Charlene "Charley" Carter

Chief Development Officer


Just like most of you, I have been paying a lot of attention to the campaign and the styles of the candidates, their phrases, as well as the various news outlets and their primary anchors. There is a repetitive theme that I’ve noticed, and it inspired me to write about it. It has long been known that repetition builds resilience.  Such as “I know I can, I think I can, I can do this” basically affirms the thought put into action. Case in point, “We will win this election.”  Or; “We need to act as though we are coming from behind.”  That can be interpreted as “we just might lose this thing”. In the past few days, I have heard these repeated over and over by both sides of the election.  For me, if I were them, I would only have this sentence running through my mind, “I am going to win.”

If you know me at all, you know I am an extremely positive person. I don’t think in terms of what will not happen, I only work in the space of power, what can I make happen, and often what will happen. I see things as already done! I don’t see them as an option to go or no-go. This is how I’ve built my career and my business. I think in terms of success, therefore I manifest what I say.

Now; do you talk to yourself? We all do, of course. Self-talk, it is proven, is more powerful than what we say to others. I want you to take some time to listen to what your self-talk is doing to your outcomes.  Here are a couple of tools that might be helpfulfor you to monitor your self-talk:

❖ Keep a notepad or something that you WILL use, close to you. When you hear yourself repeating something in your head, write it down and look at it. I’m going to guess that you are not intending to think that thought, but it’s coming up from somewhere. Explore or even read those thoughts out loud at the end of the day and then realize what you are saying to yourself.

❖ Listen to an evangelist. I don’t care which one but pay attention to how they deliver their message.  They are very successful at delivering a powerful and memorable message and it always involves repetition.  I’ve read interviews of many successful comedians who listen to evangelists to get their comedic timing down. Because the repetition is so successful, you too can pick up on their rhythm. While you may not be a comedian, you can learn this method and apply it to your own thought or self-talk.  It’s very effective in a sales conversation, in leadership of your organization, and attorneys often use this technique for compelling arguments. Even in your own relationships, such as parenting, having a “buzz phrase” works. Repetition and rhythm are very easily absorbed into our minds.

❖ Affirm what you want in writing. Just like that small notepad, start a new one that is just for what you want. It might be something you want to buy, a deal you want to get/land, a house, a car, whatever. See it as though you already have it. Get a visual going of you wearing it, driving it, or living in it. Write those down and keep them someplace. And I advise that you daily read them out loud. Soon, you will program the repetition in your own self-talk, to talk to yourself in terms of already having it. There’s a reason for the picture of a Tiffany Blue Bentley on my phone. 

Your self-talk and your external voice will begin to reflect the positive outcomes you want and desire. If you want to learn more about this topic, I would love to talk with you. Please email me at charlene.carter@thecarvercompanies.com and we can schedule a time. Manifesting a dream is what you see these candidates doing. They saw themselves as President. What do you see for you? I want to hear about it!